Free Music

Here is a complete list of all the Copyright Free Music sites we have collected so far. If you know of any more, please let us know.

The best ones:

Mostly Instrumental: (No singing)

Not So Active Anymore:

Sound Effects: (No music, only free sound effects)

On these following sites, NOT everything is free!! Read the description carefully for each song!:

We’ve all seen it happen. Youtube blocking music from a vid in many countries, or blocking the entire vid, or putting advertisements in the video, because of the copyrighted music that you used. Or Facebook and Instagram deleting your vid right after it was uploaded for the same reason.

When you use music that is not copyrighted, you will never have this problem. Or any potential legal problems with the makes of the music. You can use this music for free in all your videos.

ALWAYS read the description of a song carefully, to see if it is really copyright free!

Be thankful for the hard work these artist do for you for free! So remember to name or link the song and artist in your description